Our Typical Patient

Our Typical Patient

Our typical patients present with health concerns regarding symptoms which are typically:

• chest pain, breathlessness, or fatigue suggestive of heart disease;
•  palpitations , dizziness suggesting abnormality of heart rhythm;
•  lower limb pain or cramps may suggest poor circulation;
commonly, concerns about risk of heart attack or stroke manifest where blood pressure, cholesterol smoking , family history diabetes have been implicated;  and
frequently, concerns about medications where indications, effectiveness and possible side effects lead to presentation.

Assessment is facilitated by the use of technologies which deliver reliable and reproducible data, contributing to high degree of accuracy in the assessment. The above issues are dealt with in an understanding and intuitive manner, based on the high level of experience and expertise of the attending physician.

After our process, patients are left with a sense of certainty as to their state of their cardiac and general health with a clear plan of management , where indicated , and a regular follow-up regime.
In particular all of our staff are always supportive, and are dedicated to ensure that a visit to Cardiac Dynamics is as pleasant and efficient an experience as is possible.