CD Essentials

CD Essentials

Your CD Essentials are numbers you need to determine your CRS – your Cardiac Risk Score .

During a shorter consultation, we guide you through the steps.


Determining Your Four Essential Lifestyle Factors :

  1. are you a non-smoker?
  2. do you participate in regular exercise ( 150 mins per week)?
  3. is your body weight around the ideal ( BMI =24)?
  4. do you follow an ideal diet (such as a Mediterranean-style diet)?

Your score  …  out of 4
A score of 4/4 carries an 80% lower risk than a person with 0/4.


Determining Your Four Essential Measurements:

  1. BMI: Height/Weight
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Cholesterol- total cholesterol, and HDL
  4. Blood sugar level -fasting


Calculating Your Essential Cardiac Risk Score:

Your CRS is calculated electronically by us, using the above  numbers.

{If you have sufficient information right now, you may like to calculate your own numbers –

just click here: CVDcheck_calculator}

We tell you  your CRS (Cardiac Risk Score), in terms of your  5-year absolute cardiovascular disease risk as a %, and place you in  the green, orange, or red zone of cardiac risk.

If your CRS is not in the green zone, then we would suggest that further assessment is required.