Diabetes : Diminishing  the Risk

A new diagnosis of  Diabetes initially  places much emphasis  on the control of blood sugar levels. Intensive control of blood sugar levels prevents small blood vessel damage to eye, kidney and nerve tissue.  However, in the longer term, control of blood sugar may account for only 20% of the problem. In fact, 80% of diabetics eventually succumb to complications from the disease of major blood vessels (circulation), resulting in strokes and heart attacks. These complications require a different strategy in the control of what are known as cardiovascular risk factors.

So, we have another application of the 80/20 rule: the community spends 80% of its focus on 20% of the problem. The bigger picture is that, in diabetics, it is the health of the major vessels that is just as  important.

At  Cardiac Dynamics, ideally, we would like to identify and address pre-diabetes  which is a metabolic state originating in  youth, through a combination of lifestyle factors.

In reality, we are more often dealing with established diabetes. Our approach  involves a full metabolic check, in addition to  an assessment of the current state of your heart and circulation . Then, a risk assessment is made using  the  National Heart Foundation electronic risk calculation programme.

As a result, a suitable health management plan is formulated. This may involve an allied health professional such as an eye specialist, podiatrist, dietician, or a diabetes educator.  The plan may be carried out  seamlessly via a secure internet programme coordinated by the Gold Coast GP Division.