The Fear of Failure!

The Fear Of Failure!

What if They Find Something?
“So what if they find something?” is a reasonable question. A common preconception is “If I feel unwell, the doctors might help; but if I feel perfectly OK, maybe they will only find something wrong”.

At Cardiac Dynamics we offer you both options. We can check-out BOTH your symptoms and your concerns.
For those concerned about the consequences….
• heart disease is eminently preventable.
• If you have no symptoms …the likelihood of needing a coronary by-pass tomorrow is remote. But what is your risk?
• Risk is not reality. Risk is something that hasn’t happened yet. If you are a bit overweight, have a family history, and your cholesterol is not ideal ….it is not the end of the world.

We all live with “Risk Factors”
• you can’t control -such as age, family history and gender
• you can control – lifestyle factors , such as smoking, overweight and lack of exercise
• your doctor can control ..cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes.

So just like your car insurance –it is no big deal to manage your risk… such as an exercise programme or diet modification, where the benefit outweighs the risk. Otherwise there is  Preventive Medication. In insurance terms, there may be a small premium excess to pay in the bigger scheme of things.

A full check-up at Cardiac Dynamics will determine if you are in the green, orange or red zones of risk. We help you address risk …before risk – or your worst fears – become reality.